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  • IARC Expert Group on Thyroid Health Monitoring after Nuclear Accidents (2018). Thyroid health monitoring after nuclear accidents.
    Lyon, France: International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC Technical Publications, No. 46). Available from the IARC publications website.

  • Togawa K, Ahn HS, Auvinen A, Bauer AJ, Brito JP, Davies L, Kesminiene A, Laurier D, Ostroumova E, Pacini F, Reiners C, Shinkarev S, Thomas G, Tronko M, Vaccarella S, Schüz J (2018). Long-term strategies for thyroid health monitoring after nuclear accidents: recommendations from an Expert Group convened by IARC. Lancet Oncol. October 01, 2018


First Expert Group meeting

23–25 October 2017
IARC, Lyon, France

Core Writing Group Meeting

25–26 January 2018
IARC, Lyon, France

Second Expert Group meeting

21–23 February 2018
IARC, Lyon, France